Lightning McQueen

Last night my little brother Lopaka flew in and has been having a blast with Marcus. This morning he went abd woke Paka up so they could play! The good thing about having him fly in is that his bags are full of goodies from my mommy. We got chocolates and candies, soaps and lotions, and she sent Marcus these really cute Cars dining set and a t-shirt. Well, the shirt lights up and he coudn't stop watching and playing with it. In fact. I think he spent most of the time trying to eat it!

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  1. hey kamaile-In response to your question about etsy, i do get sales-mostly from the mainland, so i usually rely on mainland business from etsy. I do have a tags on my covers that give off my etsy online store so in case someone from here wanted to buy one, they can just go online and buy it...it's convenient and easy and it's free=) do you sell anything?