Hula Girls

So the other day I helped teach a hula at this girl's birthday party in our ward. It was a huge luau theme and since they were a bunch of small kids I thought Pupu Hinuhinu would be appropriate. They danced and sang and I played the ukulele and it was a blast.

I had this great idea of making the little girl, Oliva a cute dress-up hula outfit. Apparently it was such a hit, Olivia and her sister were taking turns wearing it. Right now I have 2 more orders for my hula dresses, so if you are interested get your orders in now! ;o) I am going to seriously think about selling these!


  1. They turned out great!! Ally was thinking she may want to do a hula theme for her birthday in August, so get ready!!!

  2. They look awesome.....Do they come in big girl sizes??? :)

  3. Oh Kamaile! You're so creative! That's a sweet idea.