Happy Day Marcus!

Since we've been back in Hawaii all the kids want to do is be outside. So this year we were so excited to celebrate Marcus' 3rd birthday outdoors. Marcus was so excited for his "happy day" we decided to have a Toy Story party at Moanalua Gardens. It is a perfect park nestled off the main road, in a perfect
location to let kids run free. Set on acres of open land, there is a little pond filled with ducks and koi fish.

Although we were a month late in celebrating, we came through and pulled it together. All week it rained, first time since we've been home and I thought just my luck. But it turned out to be a gorgeous day! Everything was perfect, all of our friends came and we had great local food from Pat's Piggery. We played games, feed the fish, had a Pinata (that I made) and a cool Buzz lightyear cake that Cam and I stayed up late making! It was perfect, except poor little Marcus woke up with a fever, and was not a very happy guy the whole day. He is much better now though.

Thank you all for celebrating with us!

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