2 weeks old!

Today Lohena made 2 weeks old, and I will admit time has flown by and mostly as a blur. There were times when I doubted my capabilities as a mother, when the house stood no chance of being cleaned, I hadn't brushed my teeth, and when I was certain that Marcus was not going to make it to his 2nd birthday. But, I can honestly say, I am one happy mommy! I couldn't imagine our little family without him. Everyone is adjusting, but we are finally getting on our own schedule and doing good. I really can't complain, I do manage to get a nap in every day! Marcus fulfilling his big brother duties, getting diapers and of course holding his baby!

Knocked out!We even managed to leave the house and vist great grandma Margaret.Same outfit Marcus wore!Cousin Miles


  1. omg he looks like a more haole version of you! cute!

  2. He is so cute!! Congratulations. You have 2 adorable little boys!!

  3. wow!!! congratulations! your son is soo cute and i love the name! two boys huh? man, tane wish he had some boys..too bad for him! lol have fun!!