all boy

Here are some of the things Marcus likes to do! He is such a boy!

he is sipping water off his tray!

playing in the packing peanuts!

dancing to his favorite song


  1. Man, when he dances he lets loose!! That's hilarious!! He knows how to get his groove on already :)
    packing peanuts rock - that's awesome that you let him play in them, I would have done the same thing!!

  2. Don't bother buying Marcus any Christmas presents this year when he seems to have just as much fun playing with the packing peanuts:)

  3. oh Marcus, I really want to come kick it wit you. His hairs is getting so blonde!

  4. fun! what a cutie. how is the weather over there?

  5. So cute! He and my Zach are pretty close in age! Who knew! ;) So Washington? Do you like it? It is beautiful and green!

  6. Hey Kaimaile, It is Prince Shoroye. I am so happy I found your families blog. My families blog is ebishoroye.blogspot.com I hope you still remember me.

  7. Hi Kamaile,
    It's Ashleigh (used to hostess with you at Ola) and I'm officially a stalker lol. I found you through another person's blog and now I'm going to add you to my bloglist. I think I have your email still from long time ago, so I can add you. Your son is SOOOO cute :)

  8. Oooh! Your son is such a cutie. I love a boy, who's ALL boy.

  9. Of course I remember you! You're the reason I'm choosing Kamaile as one of my name choices for my little girl! :) Did you notice that on my blog?
    Your son is ADORABLE!
    I miss hawaii! How bout you?