Kira's Drawing of Uncle Cameron

You may be wondering what this picture is, well it is a picture of Uncle Cameron. See, our niece Kira LOVES Cameron. She is new at this drawing people bit and has been cleverly trying to distinguish boy from girl, using a squiggley ling for a boy (ding-ding) and a "w" for a girl. So needless to say my sister was a little shocked when she saw that Uncle Cameron had 3 LEGS! Or so she hoped?!

Pretty sure the conversation went like this.

Kahala: Kira who is that?

Kira: Uncle Cameron

Kahala: Nervously asks (afraid her daughter may know too much at such an early age)
What is that? (pointing to the what-she-hoped was the third leg)

Kira: It's Uncles Cam's body, DUH MOM! (you know cus Cam's tall)

Kahala: OH! Kahala just laughs and walks away!

Unfortunately, Cam has a body but no private parts. hmmmmm......

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